Saturday, 1 December 2012

The deadly Junction in Georgetown


Georgetown, Penang – A T-junction better known as The Deadly Junction is located beside the Union High School. It is said that if you ever drive through this lonely road late at night, your care will go out of control and crash due to the too many accidents that happened there. It is also said that there is a tiny unknown tree beside the road which looks like a lady carrying a child. The story was known by some old folks saying that this lady was once a bomoh (witch doctor) who kidnapped her sister’s son. Somehow, they never again appeared anywhere except other than being seen beside this road

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sri Aman Damansara`s Haunted Toilet

This is one story that my friend told me teaching me never ever, ever to toilet alone in a place that you are not familiar with, erm, especially in the early morning!
I’m not really the kind of person that always experience any ghost or haunting. Not especially when this incident happened still left me feeling doubtful about it. Til this day, the sounds I heard is still clear in my mind although it was already past 2 years. It happened in a very early morning. Me and my sister have decided to go for some international marathon run that was organized every year. Without fail we would join the run just for the fun of it. Since I was staying in OUG, I would drive to my sister’s place at Sri Aman, Damansara where the location of the run held was nearer to her place. This year, however, was slightly different. Her friend decided to join us and since she could not drive, the plan was me driving to my sister’s place then we would car pool to her friend’s house in Kepong.
The plan was going accordingly when upon reaching my sister’s friend’s house my dear sister realized that she forgot to bring her running shoes. Thinking that we still had the time, my sister decided to head back to her house to get her stuff. When we reached Sri Aman’s condominium, me and her friend waited at the car while she took the lift and came back with her shoes. As we were driving out to the guard house, I had a sudden urge to go to the toilet. My sister suggested that I could take a lift up to her house since it was nearby but I thought that it was pretty troublesome since I had to wait for the lift and such. Then my sister suggested to use the toilet located near the swimming pool. I agreed and she stopped nearby.

The toilet had only 2 cubicles, one for the guys and one for the ladies. The toilet for the guys was on the right whereas the toilet on the left are for the ladies. Behind the toilet was some sort of storage area and since it was still early, the place was quite dark. I turned on the lights and headed for the ladies. To tell you the truth, I’m the kind that’s pretty particular about the cleanliness of a toilet and since the toilet was the sitting kind, I thought the better of it and decided to step on the toilet bowl instead.
As soon I as put my right leg on the toilet bowl, I heard someone to my right shouting “Ooi!”. The voice was deep and sounded much like a man’s voice. I was quickly stunned and stopped short putting my left right back on the ground. But since I was already on a super urge to go toilet I didn’t care. This time, I climbed onto the toilet bowl and release myself. In the middle of business, again I heard someone to my right shouting “Ooi!” only this time it was louder and clearer. Goosebumps on the back of my hair raised and I quickly finished my business. At that point of time, I thought that it could be someone at the guys toilet but common sense told me that was impossible since it was still very early in the morning (approximately 4am).
As I ran towards my sister’s car, I glanced behind to take a peek hoping that it was really someone but there was no one at the guys toilet and it toilet was still vacant. In the car, I asked my sister if anyone went to toilet besides me but both she and her friend confirmed that there wasn’t a soul to be seen. Only me. Now, I can only wonder if my action of stepping on the toilet bowl offended them.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Highland Towers

       Seventeen years ago on Saturday December 11 1993, Malaysia was traumatised by a disaster that remains a painful memory to this day. At 1.35pm , an apartment block in Kuala Lumpur called Highland Towers collapsed in the catastrophic blink of an eye, killing 48 people. The city's fire and rescue services faced an unprecedented catastrophe as they struggled to find survivors in the massive heap of twisted wreckage, while relatives and friends waited desperately for news of the missing. In the aftermath of the tragedy, came an avalanche of urgent questions. Why had Highland Towers collapsed, and who should be called to account? In this emotionally super charged real life story, we hear the raw heart rending stories of the men and women who lived through 12 days of torment - and expose in compelling detail the fatal flaws that led to the power of two hundred jumbo jets ramming into the foundations of Highland Towers.


Annette Bashir (Block 1 Resident) -“I could see the building starting to quiver, I remember saying to my daughter, we have made it this far, I don’t want to get killed by a piece of flying concrete.”


Iain Gray 
(Block 3 Resident) – “A lot of the family members were there and total shock, total disbelief, how can this happen to me, where are my loved ones?”

Genting haunted hill


Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang – A famous hill top resort and casino, many people incurred gambling debts and committed suicide there. Some visitors leaving the hotel lobby reported seeing a man in red jump from the rooftop, just to disappear before he hits the ground. Certain rooms are not available for rent no matter how full the hotel was. Those who have seen the inside reported that it was filled with old Chinese ghost wards. They would subsequently fall sick for days afterwards